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Our Affiliates

Rod and Alice Koehler have been partnered with Health is Wealth Chiropractic for several years. 

They provide a line of nutritional supplements from which many of our clients have enjoyed great results.  These supplements are all pharmaceutical grade, which means they are of the highest quality ingredients; science based, have quality assurance for effective delivery and absorption into the body, and are not available in retail stores.  Alice specializes in nutritional supplements and has had extensive and ongoing training with these great products.  She is available to answer your questions any time at 231-645-6482 or email rodkoehler@charter.net.  Rod and Alice will have regular postings discussing specific products and how they support your health. Here is their website:  www.shop.com/rak

Tamara Graf

Tamara Graf Registered Acupuncturist

Meet Tamara Graf! Registered acupuncturist and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. She has been practicing for 20 years. For more information about the work she does, visit her website: